Sins of Hyrule Vinyl is here!

Last year I was a part of Rozen’s latest album, Sins of Hyrule, an epic retelling of the mythology behind the Legend of Zelda series.

Thanks to the fine folks at Materia Collective, we took an extra step with this release and pressed vinyls, and they are finally shipping out! They look and sound amazing! If you are at all into vinyl I highly recommend checking it out. You can purchase from Bandcamp here and from Amazon here.

If you haven’t heard the album yet, take a look at this lovely review from someone on Amazon, who says it better than I could!


New Music Video!

New music video alert! I had made a quick cover of “Memories of Dust” – the beautiful desert theme from NieR:Automata – back in December, and I wanted to make a video for it. I don’t put out music videos frequently, but it’s a lot of fun! Who knows, maybe we’ll see more of these in the future. 😉

View the video here.


ACC Composition Debut

As part of my plan to make more music this year, I am excited to share that I will be writing a piece for the Angel City Chorale! It will be performed in the 25th Anniversary concert this coming June. I’ve performed with this group for years and can’t wait to debut my own composition with them.

The theme of the concert is world music, and my piece is a Mexican-influenced work with lyrics in Spanish, written by me and my native-Spanish-speaking husband. I’m crossing off two goals of mine with this song: write more music in Spanish, and write a piece for Angel City Chorale to perform. Looking forward to sharing it with the world!

MAGFest 2018

I had an absolute blast at my first MAGFest in Maryland at the beginning of January. It was incredibly fun to meet so many enthusiastic fans and creators of video games and music! The hotel was huge and yet was still full to bursting with convention-goers.

The highlight of the weekend was winning a G.A.N.G. Remix Award for Best Vocal Remix with my song Amusement Park from NieR: Glory to Mankind! Thanks so much to all who voted for us in the Remix Competition!

2018 – New Year, New Stuff

Hello and happy 2018!

This year has already started out at full speed. At the beginning of January, I attended MAGFest for the first time. Definitely hoping to make it there again in future years!

I have several goals for 2018, the first of which was to publish my website. I’m so glad to have it out there, finally!

There are more exciting projects in the works, including undisclosed video game(s), album features, and potentially a solo album from me! Keep up to date with my work by checking in here at my site or following me on social media.