Video Games


Final Fantasy XIV 5.2 Echoes of a Fallen Star by Square Enix — solo vocalist on “Return to Oblivion” by Masayoshi Soken

Tears of Avia by CooCooSqueaky Games — solo vocalist and co-composer/lyricist on “Tears of Avia Main Theme” by Andrew Ryu


Yoku’s Island Express by Villa Gorilla — Music by Jesse Harlin — ensemble vocalist on “Yoku Taidua and the Village


Bestluck by Jae Cloud Yoo — Music by Spencer Bambrick — solo vocalist


Civilization VI by Firaxis Games — ensemble vocalist on “Sogno Di Volare” by Christopher Tin

Original Music


What We Are — orchestral pop inspired by the Dragon Prince, by Marc Straight and Reven — songwriter & vocalist


iamheaven remixes and instrumentals — follow up album to iamheaven by Marc Straight — songwriter & vocalist, “Tremor (Piano Reprise)” & “I Wanna Be Found (Let You In vocal remix)”


iamheaven — dreamy synth/electronic pop by Marc Straight — songwriter, “Tremor” & “Ephemeral” — vocalist, “Tremor”

One World (Live from Los Angeles) — live album of world music by Angel City Chorale — composer, “Cempasúchil” — soloist, “Samba Do Avião” & “Adiemus”

Video Game & Other Arrangements


The Final Battle (Elden Ring Soundtrack) — epic version of the final boss theme from Elden Ring by ROZEN + REVEN — performer (vocals)

A Funeral of Flowers — arrangement from Fire Emblem: Three Houses by Mark Choi — performer (vocals)

Face My Fears – Lo-Fi Edit — lofi cover of the theme from Kingdom Hearts III by lost:tree — performer (vocals)


Ballads of Hyrule II — uplifting folk arrangements of The Legend of Zelda by ROZEN — performer (vocals) on “Ballad of the Goddess”

A World Worth Fighting For — orchestral arrangements from Overwatch by Laura Platt — performer (vocals) on “Numbani”

NieR: Become As Gods — hybrid orchestral pop arrangements of Nier: Automata by ROZEN + REVEN — producer, arranger, performer (vocals), score prep


Memories of Mother (from “God of War”) — strings and vocal cover by Israfelcello — performer (vocals)

Crest of Flames — orchestral arrangements of Fire Emblem: Three Houses by ROZEN — performer (vocals), score prep

The Keyblade War — Kingdom Hearts arrangements by ROZEN + REVEN — producer, arranger, performer (vocals), score prep

The Apex of the World — chamber ensemble arrangement by Purpleschala — performer (vocals)


Time & Space — cinematic orchestral arrangements of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl by Braxton Burks — performer (vocals) on “Twinleaf Town”

Fódlan Winds (from “Fire Emblem Three Houses”) — orchestral electronic arrangement by ROZEN, REVEN — arranger, performer (vocals)

EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger by Materia Community — lyricist on “The Trial”

EIDOLON: Music from Final Fantasy IX by Materia Community — lyricist, performer (spoken lines) on “I Want to be Your Canary”

Light of the Seven (Game of Thrones) by Patti Rudisill — performer (vocals)

MENU: an Homage to Game Title Themes by Materia Community — arranger, performer (vocals) on “Somnus”


RE:Imagine – Music from “The World Ends with You” by Catboss. — performer (vocals) on “Transformation (Ninth Chapter)”

OMEGA: a Tribute to Xenogears by Materia Community — performer (vocals) on “You Shall Be As Gods”, “Assault on Babel Tower”, “One Who Bares Fangs at God”, “The Beginning and the End”

Children of Termina  — cinematic arrangements of Majora’s Mask by ROZEN — performer (vocals), score prep, arranger

Sakura Nagashi — piano synth pop Utada Hikaru cover by REVEN — producer, arranger, performer (vocals)

Ballad of the Goddess — folk-inspired cover from Skyward Sword by REVEN — producer, arranger, performer (harp, guitar, vocals)

FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask by Materia Community — performer (vocals) on “Missed Event 2”, “Ikana’s Wrath”, “Termina’s Last Hope”, “The True Face”

Ballads of Hyrule — ethereal cinematic arrangements from the Legend of Zelda by ROZEN — performer (vocals) on “Ballad of the Wind Fish”, “Sheik’s Devotion”

Isn’t It Wonderful (Suteki Da Ne) — waltz pop arrangement from Final Fantasy X by ROZEN — performer (vocals)


Harmony of a Champion — Pokémon Red and Green arrangement album by Shinesparkers — arranger, performer (ocarina, flute) on “Through the Underbrush: Viridian Forest”, “Through the Underbrush: Battle Vs. Trainer”, performer (vocals) on “Sanctuary: Lavender Town”, “R: Silph Co.”, “Like No One Ever Was: Battle Vs. Gym Leader”

Sins of Hyrule — cinematic album of Legend of Zelda arrangements by ROZEN — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)

SPIRIT — charity album by Multiplayer Charity/Materia Community — performer (vocals) on “Hopes and Dreams (from Undertale)”, “Apotheosis (from Journey)”, “Ending Theme (from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire)”

NieR: Glory to Mankind — hybrid orchestral pop album of NieR: Automata arrangements by ROZEN + REVEN — producer, arranger, performer (vocals)

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix by Materia Community — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals) on “Welcome to Luca”, & performer (solo vocals) on “Stranger Seymour”

ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed by Materia Community — performer (vocals) on “The Bwak Choir Cadets”


Keizaal: Journey to Skyrim by ROZEN — lyricist, performer (vocals) on “Aetherium”, “From Past to Present”, “Ancient Stones”, “Dragonborn”

Tales of Azeroth — orchestral medley from World of Warcraft by ROZEN — performer (vocals)

Time’s End II: Majora’s Mask Remixed by Theophany — vocal arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)

SONG CYCLE: A History of Video Games by Materia Community — arranger, lyricist on “Worlds that Never Were (from Journey)”, “Cortana and the Spartan (from Halo)”

SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed by Materia Community — performer (vocals) on “Fated Children”

Rainbow Road — electronic cover by ROZEN & REVEN — performer (vocals, songstone ocarina)


Time Once Lost — Majora’s Mask arrangements by ROZEN — performer (vocals) on “Voices of Healing”

King of Light and Shadow — dark orchestral arrangements from Twilight Princess by ROZEN — performer (vocals) on “Puppeteer”, “Dark Lord Ganondorf”

Under Twilit Rain — orchestral cover by ROZEN — performer (vocals)

Termina’s Demise — orchestral cover by ROZEN — performer (vocals)


Harmony of Heroes — arrangement album of Super Smash Brothers music by Shinesparkers — arranger, performer (vocals, trumpet, guitar, ukulele) on “Waiting for Sunrise”, “Senjo”, “Jazzicle Mountain”

Waiting for the Dawn — two-part orchestral arrangement of music from Majora’s Mask by ROZEN, REVEN — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)