Video Games:

Bestluck by Jae Cloud Yoo — Music by Spencer Bambrick — solo vocalist

Yoku’s Island Express by Villa Gorilla — Music by Jesse Harlin — ensemble vocalist

Civilization VI by Firaxis Games — ensemble vocalist on “Sogno Di Volare” by Christopher Tin


Original Music:

One World (Live from Los Angeles) by Angel City Chorale — composer, “Cempasúchil” — soloist, “Samba Do Avião” & “Adiemus”


Video Game Arrangements:

Ballad of the Goddess — producer, arranger, performer (harp, guitar, vocals)

FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask by Materia Collective — performer (vocals)

Ballads of Hyrule by Rozen — performer (vocals)

Harmony of a Champion by Shinesparkers — arranger, performer (vocals, ocarina, flute)

Sins of Hyrule by Rozen — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)

SPIRIT by Multiplayer Charity/Materia Collective — performer (vocals)

NieR: Glory to Mankind by Rozen & Reven — producer, arranger, performer (vocals)

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix by Materia Collective — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)

ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed by Materia Collective — performer (vocals)

Keizaal: Journey to Skyrim by Rozen — lyricist, performer (vocals)

Tales of Azeroth by Rozen — performer (vocals)

Time’s End II: Majora’s Mask Remixed by Theophany — vocal arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)

SONG CYCLE: A History of Video Games by Materia Collective — arranger, lyricist

SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed by Materia Collective — performer (vocals)

Rainbow Road by Rozen & Reven — performer (vocals, songstone ocarina)

Time Once Lost by Rozen — lyricist, performer (vocals)

King of Light and Shadow by Rozen — performer (vocals)

Under Twilit Rain by Rozen — performer (vocals)

Termina’s Demise by Rozen — performer (vocals)

Harmony of Heroes by Shinesparkers — arranger, performer (vocals, trumpet, guitar, ukulele)

Waiting for the Dawn by Rozen — arranger, lyricist, performer (vocals)