Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall, also known by her artist name Reven, is a singer and composer for video games and other soundtracks.

I grew up surrounded by music: taking piano lessons, joining choir, and playing in school band. To me, singing has always been the most liberating form of expression. Though I’ve soaked up all sorts of music over the years, from mainstream pop to folk to jazz, I find that the genre-bending music from soundtracks has influenced me the most. Composers like Imogen Heap, Lisa Gerrard, Jessica Curry, Yuki Kajiura, Yoko Shimomura, and many others have all informed my performing and writing style. Thus far I’ve had the great fortune of singing on a few different video game scores (Final Fantasy XIV, Bestluck, Civilization VI) as well as several video game arrangement albums (NieR: Become As Gods, The Keyblade War).

In addition to singing, I compose and arrange music. My constant goal is to create music that connects listeners and performers to each other and to the world around them. While studying for my degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, I fell in love with arranging themes from films and video games. Writing and setting words to instrumental pieces, taking four-note motifs and expanding them to fit eight part chorus and orchestra, distilling a multi-voice theme into just a few parts – I love it all.

My strongest foundation lies in choral music. I have written and arranged for various choral ensembles, including the Angel City Chorale of Los Angeles, the Wisconsin Children’s Choir, Berklee’s PXL8 choir and Audire Soundtrack Choir. When not composing original pieces, I enjoy releasing video game inspired music as Reven, and often contribute to works by my husband, composer and arranger Daniel Jiménez (Rozen).