April 22, 2022 admin

Single Release Roundup

For most of 2021 I spent time off from creating music, but now I am pleased to begin 2022 with the release of three singles! Each is a fantastic collaboration with a different artist, covering tunes from different games. I’m very lucky to enjoy the variety! 

Face My Fears (from “KINGDOM HEARTS III”) [Lo-fi Edit] by lost:tree — I loved working with lost:tree on this one. It’s a much more relaxed and chill version of Face My Fears, which was especially lovely to make after the electronic orchestral version I released on The Keyblade War.

A Funeral of Flowers (from “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”) by Mark Choi — I was very happy to provide soprano vocals for this emotional rendition of one of the game’s final boss themes, courtesy of Mark Choi. 

The Final Battle (Elden Ring Soundtrack) by ROZEN feat. REVEN — Speaking of final battles, ROZEN and I knew we had to take on the epic final encounter music from Elden Ring after playing it for so many hours! I love the contrast from the more heroic first half to the melancholy vocal mood of the second half.

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