March 21, 2020 admin

2019 Catch Up

The past year has flown by in a whirlwind! Doing a bit of quick catching up before I dive into some newer exciting things from 2020.
While I kept busy with Materia Collective for the most part, there were a few musical collaborations that I want to highlight from the second half of 2019:

July 30: Materia Community came together to release EIDOLON: Music from Final Fantasy IX. I had the pleasure of writing lyrics for the last suite of tracks, “I Want to Be Your Canary.”

Sep. 13: Rozen and I released a single for the first time in ages, covering the main battle theme “Fódlan Winds” from Fire Emblem Three Houses (one of my latest game obsessions).

Oct. 22: I wrote some more lyrics for a theatrical arrangement “The Trial” on Materia’s EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger.

Nov. 22: I got to sing on “Twinleaf Town” as part of Braxton Burks’ gorgeous album of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl arrangements, Time & Space.

Stayed tuned in the next week or so for some more news that I’ve been dying to reveal!

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