December 12, 2018 admin

End of Year – 4 New Releases

It’s been a busy 2018, and things didn’t slow down going into December. I’ve had four new releases come out in the past few weeks!

Nov. 16: I released my second single – Sakura Nagashi – my take on one of my favorite ballads by Utada Hikaru.

Nov. 30: Rozen’s latest Zelda-themed album, Children of Termina, debuted (and made #9 on the Billboard Classical Chart this week!)

Dec. 4: My talented friend Marc Straight released iamheaven – a beautiful synth pop album on which I wrote two songs and sang one of them. Catch me on “Tremor” and my lyrics in “Ephemeral.”

Dec. 7: Materia Collective released their latest community album – OMEGA: a Tribute to Xenogears. I’m featured as a soloist on the penultimate track, “The Beginning and the End.”

I’ve had so much fun making music this year, and I can’t wait for what 2019 brings!

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